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Home Stoves

" Tiny "

There are approximately 10,000 Tiny Homes in the U.S and are becoming more popular than ever due to the signs of the times and the desire to reduce debt and dependance of the grid or Large stick built homes. The need for space saving stoves are in high demand for using the smallest footprint possible while heating the home. We offer several of the small Heat stoves, Wood, Gas & Propane powered here and are finding more each week to bring to our customers. Our stoves work well for the "Home on Wheels" which does not need to be EPA Approved and can be bolted down. We have both styles to meet building codes where needed and then those which do not (Mobile) or non regulated areas. 

Thelin Products is first on the list because of one main reason. Built In Battery Back Up System. This great stove is designed to run off of a 12 volt Battery Bank or can run off of Solar Panels. The Gnome is the smallest of the models, which is small in the way of Gas, Wood and Pellet Stoves, but on the larger size in the way of "Tiny Home Footprint". We know how important it is to have a heat source that can run off the grid, so this is a popular model for just that reason along with the fact it is so beautiful in design. The pot belly look is so unique, it is guaranteed to bring some attention to itself and start up many conversations while keeping you warm and toasty during those cold days and nights.

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When Size really matters!
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Reliable, durable non-catalytic technology
Air wash system for super clean ceramic glass
Inside and outside combustion air capable
Heavy plate-steel top
Mobile home approved
Single-Lever Air Control
EPA Certified
Cast iron door


60 cfm convection blower

Heat Output Cord Wood (BTU) 30,000
Heat Output EPA (BTU) 13,100 - 17,600
Efficiency 78.3%
Emissions 1.4g/hr.
Firebox Size 0.8 cu. ft.
Log Size (max.) 12 in

TN10 Wood Stove

The TN10 wood stove offers you the best in compact economy. Engineered with an entry-level tube combustion system, this little performer is a great choice for occasional use rooms and small spaces requiring shorter burn times


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