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Check out all our Outdoor Gas Fireplaces by American Fyre Designs and American Hearth.
Choose from the basic contractor model ready to cover with stone or tile to the more elegant finished designs. Many to choose from.

Fire Tables are one of the newest outdoor products for the enthusiast that enjoys a warm fire glow while sitting and relaxing around with friends and family.
Equipped for Propane Underneath. Firetables include Burner all other items must be purchased separately.

FireFalls and FireWall


The newest concept in mixing Fire and a WaterFall together makes for an extraordinary Design. Several styles to choose from.

Fire Pits / Urns and Lanterns


Check out some of the newest Outdoor Fire Products to be introduced with the most modern elegance in Fyre Design.

Outdoor Heating                                                       Extend the life of your patio and outdoor living space by adding one of these great outdoor living products! Whether you install an outdoor fireplace, Patioflame® or patio heater, Napoleon® helps you enjoy those chilly evenings outdoors.



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The aroma of wood smoked food wafting into the air is a sure sign that the grilling season is here. This year, be the envy of your neighborhood with your own Black Olive Pellet Grill.

Durable, tough, built to withstand even the most extreme climates and retain its good looks. Intense heat, high humidity, or below zero temperatures, it doesn’t matter! No need to replace rusted out burners, your ceramic grill will endure the harshest of cooking environments.

A legend in its own right, the Black Olive’s patented design and shape gives it the ability to quickly achieve temperatures in excess of 650oF or as low as 150oF, making it perfect for smoking, baking, roasting, grilling and even searing. Never need to worry about over cooking or scorching your food again. The expandable 19 3/8” cooking surface offers plenty of room to cook all of your favorite foods and explore new ones with your family & friends.

Beautifully designed, easy to control, delicious results, and built to last; get ready for the last BBQ you will ever own. 

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Pellet Smoker - $899 (Sugg. Retail $1899)

Charcoal Grill - $799  (Sugg. Retail $1399)

*Our grill combines the benefits of a charcoal grill with the speed and convenience of a gas grill.

*The Black Olive grills are not affected by varying air intake conditions, and do not require constant airflow adjustment.

*No messy refueling in the middle of a long “slow-cook session”; the Black Olive Grill automatically adds fuel from the hopper as needed.

*Spend less time tending to your grill, the Black Olive grill provides consistent, even temperatures with our “Set it & Forget it” Controls.

*With consistent temperatures your grill is great at smoking, baking, roasting, grilling & searing.

*Tired of flare-ups destroying your food? The Black Olive patented burner system prevents just that from happening.

*Pellet fuel is an efficient, renewable fuel source, more environmentally friendly than charcoal.

*Pellets are available in many natural flavors: Hickory, Apple and Mesquite and many, many more…

The Black Olive’s patented design and shape gives it the ability to reach a wide range of temperatures, making it perfect for slow roasting or searing. You will never need to worry about over cooking or scorching your food again. The 19-inch cooking surface gives you plenty of room to cook all of your favorite food.







Stainless Steel


  • Cozy fire and barbecue

  • for charcoal and wood

  • Movable even when lit if on firm ground due to 4 castors (2 with brakes)

  • Full Stainless Steel V2A

  • Two tube chimney

  • Ceramic fire chamber, back wall lined with Stainless Steel

  • Stainless Steel BBQ-Grid includes height adjustable swing out hinge

  • Optional original MERCATUS® accessories available

  • For use with Charcoal/Log fuel



  • Cozy fire and barbecue

  • Steel – 2 fold heat resistant paint finish

  • For charcoal and wood

  • Movable even when lit if on firm ground due to 4 castors (2 with brakes)

  • Ceramic fire chamber

  • Stainless Steel BBQ-Grid includes height adjustable swing out hinge

  • Optional original MERCATUS® accessories available

  • For use with Charcoal/Log fuel

Backyard Beauty and Elegance

Gorgeous Indoor Living 

Easy Installation


MERCATUS® BBQ-Fireplaces are fully customizable.


The MERCATUS® BBQ-Fireplace can be extended with a complete range of accessories to expand the cooking options available. The MERCATUS® BBQ-Fireplace is capable of grilling, chargrilling, roasting, stir-frying, sautéing and many more cooking techniques making it one of the most versatile garden BBQ’s available.

Spark Guard


  • For a cozy and safe fire in the garden

  • Reduces flying sparks

  • Metal mesh

  • Hinged swing door

  • Black steel finish

The spark guard steel fire door can be secured to protect from flying sparks. The spark guard is made of one piece and fitted with a fine mesh grid. The spark guard is simply hung in the intended suspension to the body of the BBQ fireplace and can be easily opened to turn the food or resupply the fuel.

Steak/Pizza Pan​


  • Diameter about 45 cm (17 ½ inch)

  • Non-stick surface

  • Height adjustable

  • Can be used as fat collection tray

The steak pan useful for healthy, low-fat and low-smoke grilling. The fat does not drip on the heat source and so prevents the harmful polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are formed (PAH). The grill is easy to use – whether it is used for meat, fish, vegetables or fruit.
You can use the roasting as a drip tray. The grill is swung mounted at two possible heights so you can easily swing the grill out of the BBQ fireplace, this design also prevents grease from dripping on the floor.

Steel Wok


  • Diameter about 40 cm (15 ½ inch)

  • Holding ring included

  • Steel

  • Height adjustable

With the Steel Wok you can create spectacular Asian dishes using your BBQ fireplace. It has a non-stick coating, which facilitates the movement roast over the hot fire. The retaining ring (included) of the wok is simply hung in the intended suspension to the body of the BBQ fireplace, can be swung out and can be adjusted 2-fold in height.

Charcoal Tray


  • Stainless Steel insert for charcoal

  • Keeps fireplace chamber clean

  • Diameter about 45 cm (17 ½ inch)

The Charcoal Tray offers a cleaner, easier alternative to using charcoal in your BBQ fireplace. Place the charcoal bowl just in the combustion chamber of the BBQ fireplace. Fill the charcoal, light and enjoy! The charcoal tray makes cleaning the garden grill fireplace and disposal of ashes easy. Simply lift the charcoal bowl on the two grips from the garden grill fireplace.

Chimney Extension

  • 50 cm (19 ½ inch)

  • Steel

ITEM: 18932

  • 50 cm (19 ½ inch)

  • Stainless steel

The chimney extension is made of steel with heat-resistant paint (“Senotherm”). With this pipe you can extend your BBQ Fireplace up to 50 cm, for example, in unfavourable areas to minimize any smoke nuisance.
The chimney extension tube is inserted in the flue pipe and then the rain hood.

Protective Cover

  • The all-weather protection for your BBQ-Fireplace

  • Polyester-Material with PVC-Coating

  • Large opening with zip for easy handling

  • Pulley cord for tight fit

  • Weather tight ventilation flaps

  • Not suitable for extension chimney

The protective cover protects your BBQ fireplace from dirt, moisture, UV rays and leaves, so you have longer to enjoy your garden barbecue fireplace. It is made of black polyester fabric inside with a waterproof PVC coating and has rainproof ventilation pockets. It has a large zippered opening that makes it easy to put on the BBQ fireplace. The cover is secured from wind by a draw string. The protective cover may only be used when the BBQ fireplace is completely cooled.

Outdoor Living at its Finest


Faltovn Camp Stove 

The Faltovn camp stove is a good reason to go out and experience nature.It’s a portable stove that offers warmth, ambiance, and the ability to cook a meal in the great outdoors whenever and wherever you want. Weighing only 22 pounds (10kg), . It can also be used inside a tent and the pipe can be extended with a 45° elbow or standard insulated pipe for more reach. The Faltovn is the perfect travel companion 

  Includes pipes, firebox, metal plate, and side tray

 Black canvas bag  with leather straps - optional