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 Off Grid Stoves and More offers many types of Chimney pipe, Stove pipe, Chimney Liners and Chimney Caps. Most of these products are in-stock and available for immediate sale, while others are available by special order. Please give us a call to check Availability and Discounted pricing.

Off Grid Stoves works hard to offer competitive pricing in order to help save you money. We offer BIG Discounts on Wood, Gas or Pellet Pipe with the purchase of any of our stoves. Even without purchasing a stove with us we will save you atleast 15-25% below retail on all Pipe and Supplies. Give us a call and see how much we can save you today. Thanks for shopping Off Grid Stoves and More.


Many Brands, Sizes to choose from. Custom orders made to fit

        Painted Black Galvanized, Stainless Steel and Copper             


Animals in chimney

Smoking Problems

Water damage to flue

Lining inside chimney



  There are two airflow environments related to chimney caps. External airflow (wind) is accountable for creating low air pressure around a chimney cap that translates to additional draft (for a properly designed cap) in addition to the flue draft to enhance performance of your flue. Internal airflow (Hot stove or Fireplace gases) should be directed out of the flue with minimal coefficiency of resistance while providing rain protection. All internal air passages of our caps have been designed to provide the same or larger cross-section comparing to the original flue so that our caps will not serve as a bottleneck for your flue.


                                        Some of the Issues our caps help to Eliminate


  •   Rain Problems

  •   Vertical Wind Shift

  •   Noisy Flue

  •   Pilot light outage

  •   Wind Downdraft

  •   Cold Flue back pressure

  •   Critter control



People refer to this chimney cap by many different names - Wind Directional Cap, Roman Helmet, Rooster Tail and other names but we call it SkyRider. The top helmet of the cap can freely rotate around its shaft. When wind blows, the fin aligns the hood against wind and front skirt will divert all air streams over and sides of the cap along with rain and snow solving wind related downdraft problems. Also, when wind flows over the cap this way, it creates low air pressure over the flue due to the speed difference of air inside and outside of the flue. This effect helps the flue to draw air better. The streamlined shape of the cap slices through air with very little resistance and it can withstand very strong winds.

SkyRider (wind directional) cap SR-6" Copper shown, (Stainless Steel/Copper avilable), Many other stock sizes available 





It’s all started with studying aerodynamics which is the motion of air when it interacts with objects. Driving force behind deep development of aerodynamics is its applications to airplanes but aerodynamics laws and analysis is valid for any object moving through fluid, or air in case with caps.

There are similarities between airplanes and chimney caps. Airplane moves through air while air moves around chimney cap but this is the same thing really. In addition, both airplane and chimney cap are made of thin sheet metal and some techniques of physical reinforcement for aircraft might be applied to chimney caps to withstand strong gusty wind. ( Stainless Flue Cap FLC 13x13 shown, Many other stock sizes available )






Years of calculating, testing and rethinking gave us knowledge and experience to develop the range of innovative chimney caps, designed and built to solve most chimney problems. Our caps are not flashy or eye catching tending to overshadow appearance of a house but they rather complementary to unique architecture of your house.
( Copper Rain Cap RCcb 8x12.5 shown,  Many other stock sizes available )










DraftMaster cap is a die-hard fireplace lovers favorite. Wind is one of very few things that is free in our country, so why not to use it to increase flue performance. This cap is the best thing that ever happened to your flue. It provides top line performance, 100% rain protection, and a lifetime warranty. This chimney cap can easily solve any wind related downdraft problems and keep any moisture away from your chimney.


Creation of DraftMaster based on Bernoulli's law, where pressure and velocity are inversely related. Consider we have wind near our chimney. According to Bernoulli's law it will create lower air pressure at chimney opening comparing to air pressure inside of the chimney, where the air flow is relatively slower. It will force the air inside of chimney to move toward that opening, creating updraft. DraftMaster has two openings, one on bottom and another on the top, so it will be twice more effective than just open chimney. Also it has passages to deal with vertical wind. In addition, inside cone and geometry of that cap (mathematically calculated) provide laminar (non turbulent) air flow for minimum resistance from inside of your chimney to outside. Maximum performance of DraftMaster achieved with careful calculations and many hours of testing. All of those concepts will provide maximum updraft by DraftMaster cap, seen nowhere else. This chimney cap is ideal for those situations where the homeowner demands the very best. ( Stainless DraftMaster Cap DM-8" shown, Many other stock sizes available )  






Air Manager is a smaller brother of DraftMaster. AirManager reduces updrafts while windy conditions (no other chimney cap on the market is able to do this) that translates to saving energy ($$$).  Also, this chimney cap is ~1.5 times smaller then "DraftMaster Cap" (comparing volumes). AirManager caps is highly recommended for windy areas, however they are not recommended for heavy smoking chimneys, since they will exhaust through the sides of the cap wall, and it will cause discoloration of the walls. This chimney cap is ideal for gas fireplaces, gas water heaters and other gas appliances.  Best suited for windy areas.

(Stainless AirManager AM 8"x10" shown, Many other stock sizes available )



Proper chimney cap sizing requires accurate measurement of  the Flue tile, Brick exterior or Stove Pipe. There are no "standard" flue tiles on masonry chimneys. The size and wall thickness of chimney tiles are extremely varied, depending on the region and when a chimney was built. For this reason, accurate measurements (to the nearest 1/8" outside O.D) are imperative to correctly size a chimney cap.


  If you do not have a flue tile on top of your chimney,  Leg Adapters mount to cap and slide down into the flue to attach the cap securely. Two styles to choose from. The Cap measurement needed is the I.D of the flue.








Chimney Pipe comes in many Sizes and Thickness. Some are Insulated Packed and others are Air Cooled. Its important to let us know which type you have to supply the proper style of cap.

Please be sure to give us the actual pipe size, not the old cap size.



Give us a call and we will help you determine the exact cap to suit your needs.



Leg Adapter        Kits


           STAINLESS STEEL AND COPPER AVAILABLE                                                                                       

     Off Grid Stoves and  More                  800-348-1021              

**Our Premium Stainless Steel Caps are made of 100% type 304 Stainless steel for a lifetime protection against rust and corrosion

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