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How Does An Ecofan® Work?

Ecofans use thermoelectric technology to convert a temperature difference into electricity.  At the center of an Ecofan is a unique thermoelectric module. The patented Ecofan design creates a hot side and a cold side on the module and when this happens, a principle called the “Seebeck Effect” causes electrons to flow within the module and electricity is generated to operate the fan!


Enjoy the heat from your stove up to 38% faster!*

The airflow created by an Ecofan can help you feel the heat from your wood stove up to 38% faster*.  Ecofans are designed to sit on top of a free standing wood stove and create their own electricity without using any household energy or batteries. The fan starts automatically when placed on top of a stove and adjusts its speed with the stove temperature. As the stove heats up, the Ecofan runs faster. As the stove cools down, the fan slows and automatically shuts off. The designs have evolved from the original Canadian invention to the current models to provide greater efficiency and maximum airflow.

Up to 18% Fuel Savings!

Only the genuine Ecofan has been tested by representatives from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Waterloo. These tests have proven that using an Ecofan can reduce fuel usage up to 18%. This saving also translates into a reduction of particulate and carbon emissions. The use of an Ecofan not only saves you money, it helps the environment.



                                                              ECOFAN AIRPLUS Model 802


                                                              For stoves with a surface temperature ranging between 300°f and 650°f.


                                                              Three blades move air up to 150cfm.






                                                              ECOFAN GS Model 806


                                                              Perfect for gas, corn, and pellet stoves. Operates at the much lower surface                                                                                               temperatures ranging between 150°f and 300°f.


                                                              Three blades move air up to 150cfm.






                                                               ECOFAN Model 800


                                                               For stoves with a surface temperature ranging between 300°f and 650°f.


                                                               Two blades move air up to 100cfm. Gold or Nickel available.


                                                         Ecofan AirMax Model 812 
                                                         Produces the highest airflow over a wider range of stove surface temperatures.  For                                                          use on freestanding wood stoves with a surface temperature between 185°F —                                                                650°F (85°C — 345°C). The Ecofan Airmax is an economical way to move air                                                                    throughout your living space. Creating its own electricity and pushing up to 175                                                                  CFM.
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