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Hurricane Lanterns

The "Hurricane" Lanterns are known for their Dependability in Extreme conditions

Hurricane Lantern, No. 76 "Original"

A handsome combination of sparkling

brass and enamel finishes.
Finish: Baked Enamel Brass Plated Trim.
Also: Solid Brass
Measurements: 10" High, 8 ounce fuel capacity
Signal duration: 11 hrs, candlepower: 7 CP


Hurricane No. 20 Lantern 

Available in a variety of colors.

A perfect nostalgic decoration for the family room or den.

Height 12", Fuel Capacity: 9 ounce

Signal Duration: 12 hrs., Candlepower: 9 CPFinish:


Baked enamel w/ Brass Plated Trim


Also available in Solid Brass



Hurricane Lantern, No 1 Little Wizard


Ideal for campers and hikers with a large 36 oz fuel capacity.

Height: 12 inches Fuel Capacity: 32

ounceSignal Duration: 45 hours, Candlepower 9CP

Blue Baked Enamel, Brass Plated Trim.









V & O Hurricane Lantern

Available in Red 
Compact Camping or Hiking lantern.
Height: 7-1/2", Fuel Capacity: 6 ounces
Signal Duration: 15 hours, Candlepower: 4CP
Finished: Baked Enamel

Hurricane Lantern, No 8 Air Pilot

 Ideal for hikers and campers

Featuring a bright 12 candlepower flame.Height: 13 1/2", Fuel Capacity: 31 ouncesSignal Duration: 27 hours, Candlepower: 12CPFinish: Blue Baked Enamel with Brass Trim.






                           Fireside Oil Lamps


Available in pewter, brass, and antique copper finish.

A true decorative lamp with tabletop or wall mount versatility.
10" Lamp

            Blue Moon Oil Lamps


                   Available in blue, clear, green, and pink

                              Measures: 17 1/2" tall

Rosie Glo Porcelain Lamps

          Variety of styles

                     7 1/4"


Princess Oil Lamps


Available in Clear, Blue, and Green

Measures: 12 1/4" Tall

Lamps by Aladdin

Aladdin Deluxe Clear Glass Wall Lamp with Cast Brass Wall Bracket,

Aladdin Deluxe Brass Wall Lamp with Cast Brass Wall Bracket, 

Aladdin Aluminum Table Lamp, 
Measurements: Height

24 inches x 6 inches wide.
This lamp is also available in Aluminum, chrome solid brass, and stainless steel.
*Lamp sold without shade.

Aladdin Lamp Deluxe Brass Hanging Lamp complete with 12 inch Opal-White Bell Glass Shade 

Aladdin Genie III 

The Love Lamp, is by far the most versatile Aladdin Lamp.
Use the clear glass Genie III as a:   

  • Shelf lamp that can be moved conveniently from room to room

  • Wall lamp with an Aladdin bracket

  • Hanging lamp in most any Aladdinhanger


The Love Lamp is just about the best around for romantic evenings. The Genie III isAladdin light at its best! Burns 12 hours.

Aladdin Genie II, available in a variety of styles.
*Lamps sold without shades

Aladdin Lincoln Drape Lamp


Measurements: 24 Inches high
Available in a variety of styles

Cobalt Blue,Clear,Ruby Red,Crystal Pink

Oil Burner Parts

Oil Lamp Chimneys

Scented Lamp Oil

Please give us a call for Prices and Shipping 






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